The Paper Mask

it is always on a silent day like this
the breeze.

the breeze and the cloud...

clouds covering the light
curtains slowly prancing
colours are vivid

reminds me of an epic tale
of love and revenge

the great conqueror,
the black bandit,

the failed hope to end it all,

and the blue city
where all things fall..

pictures source from Cinematical


eyebrows | haiku

in morning breeze
by the mirror
Groucho Marx smiles back


the mood and the food

feel good food
the day is long,
and you need food badly, but don't want to ruin that diet
although of course a little sugar,
and a little mayo here and there won't hurt anyone

big chunks of fruits, fresh salad with any dressing
lemongrass tea with extra lime
take a sip
take a bite
feel good
as easy as 1, 2, 3

angry food
when everything come tumbling down,
like Jill and her pail of water
why the hell should you care?
those ignorant people
this chaotic world

your low tolerance of caffeine.
yeah, right.
have a big jar of nice strong ice coffee
and a big bowl of popcorn
screw it.
add extra butter to it.

but as the anger won't take you anywhere.
so does the food
it only leads to long sleepless night, with extra migraine
or straight to the toilet
whether it comes out from the upper part, or the other one
it is still no fun.

comfort food
the kind of food you'll love after a series of bad days,
when life becomes so taunting, and you just need a little reminder for all the good old days,
everything will be okay, and soon you'll feel better,
like when you find the perfect pillow position for your blanket fort,
that leaves you with a perfect night sleep.

it'll be a warm chocolate milk and a bowl of hot macaroni soup
make the tummy full, you don't want another thing
or a cup, a big cup, of hot lime with honey
back in the days when you can't stop coughing
and mommy made this to ease the lungs
and ease the night


the food and the mood,
three lucky guesses which one I eat right now! 

the poor gingerbrothers picture is from here


weird food we loved!

one day I asked them, what is your weird food?
not comfort food,
weird food.

Mira, the picnic girl she is, eats salty rice cracker with a sweet, sweet, thick, condensed milk
in fact, she likes to eat almost anything with a sweet, sweet, thick, condensed milk
she always smiles when she does
and it always gives me a fuzz.

Isti, while living a life with the samurai descendants, once tried a half-raw octopus leg
not with beer, although her friends beg
she swallowed the squirmy chunks with a healthy vitamin C
perhaps making it more gullible?
and not giving you collywobble?

Fikri, ol' brother o' mine, smashes the plain yogurt with no less than a plain oatmeal
he savor it in the morning, he savor it in the evening
and he thinks it's just a twaddle
when I said he eats like a model
he tried to give me a spook
when I ran and say it looked like a puke

the weird food I loved,
iced cappuccino with fresh sliced mango,
it doesn't taste good, I do admit
but I laugh when I eat it
for the giddiness of the tummy
and the idea of being rummy

oh the weird food we loved!
octopus leg and salty crackers
we're the only one who knows the taste best
and giggles when people make weird face

perhaps some think us nutter
but we do know better

like Silly Sesshy who nibbling at the pencil lead,
maybe it's better than
tortilla chips and milk!

the yummy picture is from here


teddy the Thousand D

teddy, teddy, my beloved camera
named after my 'first' model
not the real first model
because no way in hell I'm going to named my beloved camera after my brother!

teddy, teddy
let's start our journey, love
what's wrong?
come on, come on
no, wait!
aww..not that damn thesis again!

oh! a start!

"ob·ses·sion (əb-sěsh'ən, ŏb-)
1. the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion."

indeed, I am easily obsessed with different things, so why don't I tell you about them? unlike cannabis and cocaine, no government banned it yet.
indeed, I even obsessed with myself.
and yes indeed, I even started to obsessed with the word indeed.
ind.. damn!

the grreat image taken from this