teddy the Thousand D

teddy, teddy, my beloved camera
named after my 'first' model
not the real first model
because no way in hell I'm going to named my beloved camera after my brother!

teddy, teddy
let's start our journey, love
what's wrong?
come on, come on
no, wait!
aww..not that damn thesis again!


Anonymous said...

Waw, akhirnya..kamera baru!!
*yang ga maw login takut blognya ketauan*

Lee said...

dasar! kamu tuh kayak anak ilang, tau ga sih.
= p

thanks anyway.
= )

Gin said...

blog rolling. You know what ? you scared me, I can't believe you've developed this much. Nice blog, though there were some words that I didn't catch (we're not at the same level in english) :D Keep up the good work.

lee said...

Thanks Gin.
but really, I'm not that good.
sometimes my writings are so embarrassing I have to delete it all..

and you! keep up with too! yayy!