the cat is out of the bag..

the Cheshire Puss keeps staring at me, with his eternal grin, he says:
"which path? that dependsss.."

my dreams are scattered,
and my, how sneaky they are.
they hide behind the clouds,
while the others float in the dark blue waters,
guard by anglerfish and cookiecutter sharks. 

so to catch 'em,
whether I hop into a hot air balloon,
or to dive deep into the sea abyss.

into the sea abyss..
neverending blues and greens surrounding you
blooming corals that will guide you down to its core.
there's some tiny flaws in the plan, though
I don't speak fishes lingo.

and yeah, I can't swim too.


flying with a hot air balloon.
sure sounds fun!
leaving all things below..
just the scenery and me..
I can't sew.
moreover a big,
hot air balloon.

thus, dearest Cheshire Puss,
please hold your grin for a while,
and do get back inside the bag,
before I hear you say,
"if you only walk long enough.."

the Missing Piece and Big O picture is from here

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